Business Spotlight - The Ian Solomon Difference

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Business Spotlight - The Ian Solomon Difference

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About Ian Solomon

If you’re feeling undervalued as a lawyer or your practice is at risk due to competitive pressures and no longer feel the satisfaction or fulfillment that you once did for your profession, I can help you. I work with professionals who feel burnt out, unhappy or are afraid of change.

As a lawyer in Toronto and a certified professional co-active coach, my aim is to provide strategic business coaching and mentorship to lawyers and entrepreneurs. Observing tangible, measurable progress they make towards fulfilling their goals is something I take great pride in.

My practice is focused on helping individuals develop strategies for coping with the changes in their career transitions so that the process is more productive and less distressing and disruptive. I also help lawyers and law firms monetize their true value.

I have been an executive coach for eleven years and provide my services in Ontario and surrounding areas.

The Ian Solomon Difference

I pride myself on my ability to help my clients capitalize on their greatest strengths in order to build successful and fulfilling businesses and careers.

As a lawyer, entrepreneur, investment banker and venture capitalist, I bring extensive business and legal expertise to my coaching practice. It is this business and legal experience that sets me apart from other coaches, making me second to none.

My dream is to promote the benefits of coaching to the legal profession at all stages of a lawyer’s career from law school through practice development and the transition to retirement. I want to keep helping numerous clients build successful careers and businesses.

Ian Solomon offers Professional Coaching Services for LawyersTransition Coaching for Lawyers and Executive Coaching for Entrepreneurs. If you have any questions about how I can help you, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here.