Four Things to Look For When Hiring a Lawyer Coach

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Four Things to Look For When Hiring a Lawyer Coach

Coaching has become a popular way to help professionals reach the apex of their abilities. Lawyers have begun recognizing the value of hiring coaches who are highly experienced attorneys with great legal skills. Whether you are a newbie in the legal field or someone who is looking to improve the way you have been practicing law, a great option to hone your skills is to hire a lawyer coach.

Professional lawyer coaches provide strategic business coaching and mentorship to lawyers and entrepreneurs. They observe measurable progress which their clients make in achieving their goals. In a nutshell, they help lawyers build successful and careers.

However, before you begin the search for a lawyer coach, ask yourself a question. Am I coachable? You are coachable only if you are keen to grow, learn, and improve. You should also be willing to change the way you’ve been practicing if needed in order to attain success.

To help you get the best assistance in improving your career, I’ve compiled a list of things to look for when hiring a lawyer coach.

1. Experience and training.

The first question you should ask your prospective coach is, are you experienced and did you go through a training to become a coach? Only an experienced and trained coach will be able to give correct advice. I am a certified professional co-active coach with an extensive experience in the field of law that helps me to provide coaching and mentorship to lawyers and entrepreneurs.

2. Problem-solving approach.

Whether you are feeling undervalued or not satisfied with your practice or think your business is at risk because you are not competitive or simply want to put in extra efforts to offer the best legal service to your clients; whatever may be the reason, your coach should diagnose and resolve every problem you face while using a problem-solving approach.

3. Coaching process.

It’s crucial for a coach to build a strong rapport with the lawyer even before he/she begins with the coaching process. A professional coach will encourage the lawyers they are coaching to do most of the talking. They will ask questions and listen carefully to answers and use the same information to enhance skills of lawyers, once the coaching process begins. Hire a coach who has a unique coaching process for each lawyer he/she coaches.

4. What made them get into the coaching field?

Always ask your potential coach what made him/her get into the coaching field. It will tell you a lot about their compassion and willingness to help their clients out.

I got into the coaching field because of an event which was truly life-altering. I sustained a trauma to my spinal cord which significantly impaired my ability to work. It was, however, because of physical and mental challenges that I faced throughout my rehabilitation, I discovered untapped resources within myself that led me into the exciting and fulfilling career of mentoring and executive coaching.

If you’re looking for a professional lawyer coach in Toronto, Hamilton, Burlington, and the surrounding areas, contact Ian Solomon. As a lawyer, entrepreneur, investment banker and venture capitalist, I bring extensive business and legal expertise to my coaching practice. To learn more about services that I provide, please click here. If you have any questions about coaching, get in touch with me here.